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Exceeding expectations through the Academy of Learning

July 26, 2017

The Maldives tourism industry is built on the natural beauty of the Islands with white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons and colorful house reefs abundant in marine life. What keeps our guests returning to our Resorts is the unforgettable and personalized hospitality.


At Crown & Champa Resorts, we pride ourselves in always offering warm and attentive service and our Academy of Training is only one of the ways we add value for both the staff and the Resort, while continuously exceeding our guests’ expectations.


The Academy of Learning, as a Training and Development Department initiative, encourages individuals to be the best they can be, by providing access to coaching, mentoring, training and sponsorship programs that are inline with Crown & Champa Resorts’ goals and individual aspirations. Our Trainers are qualified professionals with extensive experience in Group Training Techniques, Hospitality Management and Communications in the Training and Development field.


With the Crown & Champa Resorts’ sponsorship program, each Resort sponsors a number of staff members to attend vocational-oriented courses in Male’, as well as overseas institutions for Undergraduate Degrees. The sponsorship include course fees, accommodation, meals and study materials, while the employee earns the monthly salary that they would be earning.


In the past year, over 18 staff from the various Resorts have been enrolled into Scholarship programs to further their qualifications in the hospitality and tourism industry. Over 20 students are set to graduate in the course of the year.


Take a look at our TOP 5 reasons why our staff is happy and chooses to continuously grow with us.