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World Turtle Day: Sea Turtles Nesting on the Beaches of Our Island Resorts in the Maldives

May 21, 2021
Sea Turtle Lays Eggs on Kagi Maldives Spa Island

Critically Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle Lays Eggs on Kagi Maldives Spa Island’s Beach

Team members of Kagi Maldives Spa Island witnessed Mother Nature’s wonders first hand on Saturday, 15 May 2021, when a critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtle laid her eggs at the resort’s beachfront, eight days before World Turtle Day on 23 May, an annual observance to shine a light on the need to protect turtles from their disappearing habitats across the world.  

After the mother turtle slowly dragged herself back to the ocean, the resort team promptly secured the nesting site with a protective fence and clearly marked with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. The resort hopes to see the emergence of the hatchlings by the end of July. This was not the first event where a turtle laid eggs at the resort, as there are currently two more nests expected to hatch in June.

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Sea Turtle Nesting in The Maldives at Kagi Maldives Spa Island

Like many sea turtles, Hawksbills also known as Eretmochelys imbricata, are listed as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, due to their beautiful, translucent shell being used for decoration and fashion purposes.

According to studies carried out by the Olive Ridley Project, Hawksbill turtles reach sexual maturity at around 30 years of age and can lay up to 200 eggs in each nest that take forty-five to sixty days to hatch. Interestingly, female Hawksbill turtles return to their hatching sites every two to three years to lay their own eggs.

Sea Turtle Nesting in The Maldives at Kagi Maldives Spa Island-2

Located at the tip of North Malé, which is in the heart of Malé Atoll, Kagi Maldives Spa Island is a luxury boutique resort offering a mindful wellness retreat in an inspiring island setting. The 50 all-pool villa resort boasts a spectacular house reef surrounding the island where many resident sea turtles thrive, and some of which choose the island resort as their nesting ground.

More Sea Turtle Nesting & Hatching Sightings At Our Island Resorts

Sea Turtle Hatching Maldives @ Kuredu, Vilamendhoo, Komandoo

Prodivers Maldives, in partnership with the Olive Ridley Project, has identified over 500 sea turtles in the Lhaviyani Atoll. The majority of them can be found at the world-renowned turtle hotspot – Kureduwhere marine life enthusiasts can meet one of about 270 sea turtles residing in the area. 

Lhaviyani Atoll’s large sea turtle population allows guests of Kudadoo Maldives Private Island, Hurawalhi Island Resort, Komandoo Island Resort & Spa, Kuredu Island Resort & Spa, and Innahura Maldives Resort to experience snorkelling or diving with these ancient creatures and learn more about the significance of their conservation. 

Sea Turtle Experiences Across the Collection

Across the Crown & Champa Resorts Collection, there are opportunities to experience ecologically considerate sea turtle encounters. Green sea turtles can be frequently observed at the ultra-luxury Kudadoo Private Island, the naturally chic Hurawalhi Island Resort, and the top-rated Kuredu Island Resort & Spa.  At the adults-only (18+) Komandoo Island Resort & SpaGreen sea turtles and Hawksbill sea turtles can be spotted around the house reef. In the Ari Atoll, where the secluded haven of Veligandu Island Resort & Spa and the diver’s paradise of Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa are situated, Loggerhead sea turtles and Leatherback turtles can be seen swimming and enjoying the waters; whilst the Olive Ridley sea turtles prosper around the family-friendly Meeru Island Resort & Spa in the North Malé Atoll. Turtle Reef, a dive site just off the laid-back Innahura Maldives Resort, is the location where forty-eight (48) Hawksbill sea turtles were spotted in a single dive. 

Sea Turtle Experiences Maldives

Adopt a Sea Turtle in Partnership with the Olive Ridley Project

At Kudadoo Maldives Private Island, Hurawalhi Island Resort, Komandoo Island Resort & Spa, and Kuredu Island Resort & Spa, guests can participate in adopting a turtle with the Olive Ridley Project and help support conservation efforts. These endeavours include, but are not limited to:

  • research, education, and community engagement in all aspects of sea turtle conservation
  • supporting the monitoring, protection, and release efforts of Olive Ridley sea turtles and their hatchlings carried out by trained members of the local communities

Crown & Champa Resorts, the leading resort collection in the Maldives, continuously provides guidelines, information, and environmentally conscious excursions to raise awareness for these graceful creatures of the ocean. Additionally, the resorts work closely with organisations such as ProDivers Maldives, Ocean Group Maldives, and Euro-Divers Maldives to help protect sea turtles in the Maldives. 

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The Maldives’ Most Instagrammable Spots

May 13, 2021
The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots

The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in the Maldives

The Maldives is as if made for the ‘gram! With glimmering blue waters, tropical skies, and picturesque white sandy beaches, it is clear to see why the island nation is one of the most desired destinations for bucket-list holidays. 

To help you capture the most awe-inspiring, Instagram-worthy images, scroll down to discover the 10 most popular spots at our idyllic island resorts in the Maldives. 

1. The Retreat at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Kudadoo Private Island

The Retreat is Kudadoo Private Island‘s iconic two-storey architectural masterpiece that houses all the quintessential delights of high-end leisure. Located atop an aquamarine lagoon, it is where you can socialise, dine and address your wellbeing needs amidst picture-perfect natural surrounds. Not to mention that your photos taken here are sure to get your Instagram followers double-tapping and commenting!

Explore more: @KudadooMaldives

2. The 5.8 All-glass, Undersea Restaurant

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

Submerged 5.8 metres under the ocean, below Hurawalhi Maldives, you can experience the Maldives’ trendiest restaurant – and the world’s largest underwater dining venue – and expect a culinary journey like no other at 5.8. 

Explore more: @hurawalhi

3. The Ocean Pool Villas at Hurawalhi Island Resort

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Hurawalhi Maldives Resort

Whether it is #VillaGoals, #BreakfastGoals or #PoolGoals that you wish to achieve for your feed,  the naturally chic, five-star Hurawalhi Island Resort has no shortage of spectacular photo opportunities to help you fulfil all that and more.

Explore more: @hurawalhi

4. The Minimalist Swing Hanging from a Coconut Tree at Kagi Maldives Spa Island

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Kagi Maldives Spa Island

With captivating views of the turquoise lagoon, the minimalist swing hanging from a coconut tree at the well-being-focused Kagi Maldives Spa Island is a picturesque spot to relax during the day or from which to watch the world go by.

Explore more: @KagiMaldives

5. The Cocoon Beach Chair at Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

The secluded haven of Veligandu Island Resort & Spa will never be short of photogenic spots to take your pictures in. One of the guests’ favourites is this charming cocoon chair on the beach with the tropical scenery as your backdrop.

Explore more: @VeliganduIsland

6. The Wooden Walkways Connecting the Overwater Villas at Komandoo Island Resort & Spa

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Komandoo Island Resort

The open-air, wooden walkways that connect the overwater villas at the adults-only (18+) Komandoo Island Resort & Spa create the perfect setting for that #IGFeedGoals Instagram capture. Take a long stroll down the walkway with your #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) or have your prenup or wedding photos taken here. 

Explore more: @KomandooMaldives

7. The Infinity Pool at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Meeru Island Resort & Spa

With endless views of the ocean and some of best sunset vistas,  it is no wonder that the infinity pool at the palm-fringed paradise of Meeru Island Resort & Spa is such a well-liked spot for a ‘gram or two.

Explore more: @MeeruIsland

8. The Magical Setting of the South Ari Atoll at Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa

With Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa’s prime location in the South Ari Atoll, renowned for whale shark and manta ray hotspots, expect to find some of the most crystal-clear waters and richest marine life in the Maldives.

Explore more: @Vilamendhoo

9. The Sea Swing on the Sandbank at Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

Spend lovey-dovey moments or bring out your inner child on the sea swing at the top-rated Kuredu Island Resort & Spa. Make sure you have your camera on hand to capture those #TravelGoals experiences.

Explore more: @Kuredu_Island_Resort 

10. The Unbelievably Blue Lagoon at Innahura Maldives Resort

The Maldives' Most Instagrammable Spots - Innahura Maldives Resort

If you are seeking to fill your Instagram feed with dreamy blues, go no further than the unpretentious Innahura Maldives Resort.

Explore more: @Innahura 

Looking for the best resorts from which to experience the picture-perfect Maldives?

The resorts within our collection tick all the boxes for a safe and beautiful holiday experience in paradise. 


Kudadoo Maldives Private Islandan ultra-luxury, fully-inclusive resort located in the magnificent surrounds of Lhaviyani Atoll. 

Hurawalhi Island Resorta naturally-chic adults’ escape where luxury treads lightly, balancing barefoot bliss with enchanting adventures. 

Boutique Retreat 

Kagi Maldives Spa Islanda luxury boutique resort offering a mindful wellness retreat in an inspiring island setting. 


Meeru Island Resort & Spa: a tranquil paradise of swaying palm trees and white sandy beaches, with a myriad of experiences and activities for families and couples alike.  

Kuredu Island Resort & Spa: a top-rated resort with a wide selection of accommodations, sports, dining and entertainment. 

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa: a popular dive resort located in the South Ari Atoll, renowned for whale shark and manta ray hotspots. 

Top Romantic 

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa: Asia and the Maldives’ top romantic resort offering the ultimate secluded island retreat. 

Komandoo Island Resort & Spa: the Maldives’ leading adults-only resort (18+ years) ideal for couples, solo travellers, and groups of friends. 


Innahura Maldives Resort: an affordable resort with a fun, laid-back atmosphere perfect for those who are always up for fun and new adventures. 

Traveling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Paradise 

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The Best Water Villa Resorts in the Maldives

April 30, 2021
The Maldives' Best Overwater Villas - Crown & Champa Resorts

Experience the Best Water Villa Resorts in the Maldives with Crown & Champa Resorts Collection

When it comes to over-the-top, overwater villa experiences, travellers will be spoilt for choice within our tasteful collection of resorts. From ultra-luxurious water villas to eco-chic, contemporary bungalows perched right on top of the ocean, guests are guaranteed some of the best water villa experiences in the Maldives.

Overwater Villas with Private Pools

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island: Ultra-luxury, Fully-inclusive

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island - Overwater Ocean Residences

  • 15 Overwater Ocean Residences

Defined by the philosophy ‘Freedom Reimagined’, Kudadoo Maldives is an ultra-luxury resort with a one-of-a-kind design that blends sophistication with eco-sustainability in mind. Featuring only 15 overwater residences, each with a 44 sqm terrace pool, Kudadoo ensures a secluded hideaway purposefully crafted for the more discerning traveller — all accessible by a 40-minute scenic seaplane journey. The resort’s fully inclusive offering, ‘Anything. Anywhere. Anytime’, promises an unhindered enjoyment of luxuries, where every desire is granted and expedited by your personal butler.

Explore more of Kudadoo at

Hurawalhi Island Resort: An Adults’ Escape Where Luxury Treads Lightly

Hurawalhi Island Resort - Overwater Luxury Pool Villas

  • 30 Overwater Pool Villas
  • 15 Romantic Ocean Villas and 15 Ocean Villas
  • 90 villas in total 

Hurawalhi Island Resort is a naturally chic adults’ escape offering world-class hospitality and unparalleled experiences for the ultimate indulgence. Here, every guest stay promises a perfect balance of barefoot luxury and enchanting adventures. The 60 water and 30 beach villas at this five-star Maldives resort provide the luxury of comfort and privacy in a contemporary design, with unparalleled views over the Indian Ocean. A highlight at Hurawalhi is the gourmet experiences, with fantastic venues that take fine dining to a whole new level. It is home to the world’s largest, all-glass undersea restaurant, 5.8 Undersea Restaurant. 

Explore more of Hurawalhi at

Kagi Maldives Spa Island: Pure Life Experiences

Kagi Maldives Spa Island - Overwater Ocean and Lagoon Pool Villas

  • 21 Ocean Pool & 19 Lagoon Pool Overwater Villas 
  • 50 villas in total

The wellbeing-focused Kagi is the Maldives’ only resort for relaxed luxury and lifestyle retreats. Ideal for solo and couple travellers, this luxury boutique retreat provides a true sanctuary for the senses that offers the perfect setting to slow down and immerse into self-discovery and self-care. All beach and over-the-water villas feature private pools and uninterrupted ocean views.

Explore more of Kagi at

Overwater Villas with Jacuzzi/Jetted Tubs

Komandoo Island Resort & Spa: A Truly Adults-only Resort (18+)

Komandoo Island Resort & Spa - Overwater Villas with Jacuzzi

  • 8 Ocean Jacuzzi Water Villas & 7 Jacuzzi Water Villas
  • 65 villas in total

Tripadvisor TRAVELERS’ CHOICE BEST OF THE BEST 2020 and ranked #9 among the Top 25 Hotels for Romance in Asia, Komandoo Island Resort & Spa is one of the Maldives’ best-ranking resorts for romance and a clear favourite to any travellers seeking a truly intimate getaway experience. The overwater bungalows at this adults-only boutique resort are built on stilts over the lagoon with a staircase leading down to the ocean, offering a luxurious and intimate atmosphere. Each of the overwater villas affords guests spectacular views over the Indian Ocean.

Explore more of Komandoo at

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa: The Secluded Island

  • 20 Sunset Jacuzzi Water Villas, 34 Jacuzzi Water Villas & 10 Water Villas
  • 91 villas in total

Voted the most romantic resort in the Maldives, the secluded haven of Veligandu Island Resort & Spa encapsulates the essence of an authentic Maldivian paradise. The Jacuzzi Overwater Villas at this idyllic resort offers total privacy, above-average amenities and the best address on the island. Guests can enjoy unparalleled views of the mesmerising lagoon, with easy access to swimming and snorkelling just off the staircase.

Explore more of Veligandu at

Meeru Island Resort & Spa: …simply Maldives

Meeru Island Resort & Spa - Jacuzzi Overwater Villas

  • 77 Jacuzzi Water Villas & 27 Water Villas
  • 284 keys in total

The palm-fringed paradise of Meeru Island Resort & Spa is often referred to as one of the best resorts for the ultimate Maldives holiday. Here,  travellers can enjoy a casual, relaxed atmosphere in a natural setting, whether on a family vacation or an intimate island getaway. The Water Villas located over the sparkling lagoon are a popular choice amongst honeymooners, featuring a Jacuzzi for two, a private wooden sundeck with lounges and a staircase into the sea, providing some of the most magnificent views.

Explore more of Meeru at

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa: The True Colours of the Maldives

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa - Jacuzzi Water Villas

  • 30 Jacuzzi Water Villas
  • 194 keys in total

Home to one of the best house reefs in the Maldives, Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa is the perfect paradise for divers, ocean lovers, and marine life enthusiasts. The resort island is in close proximity to popular whale shark and manta ray hotspots, where some of the most spectacular creatures of the ocean can be spotted throughout the year. The overwater villas at this renowned Maldives dive resort come with their own private Jacuzzi, with a private sundeck and stairs leading into the sea.

Explore more of Vilamendhoo at

Kuredu Island Resort & Spa: More Than Just a Beach Holiday

  • 49 Sangu Water Villas
  • 1 Sangu Honeymoon Suite (comes with an outdoor Jacuzzi bathtub)
  • 388 keys in total

The vibrant, action-filled island resort of Kuredu is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and long stretches of powdery, sandy beach, perfect for holidays filled with tropical adventures, where families, couples, and friends come to stay, relax and explore. Situated atop crystalline waters, Kuredu’s renowned Sangu Water Villa Suite, affords a prime location, providing guests with spectacular views of the main beach, the magnificent sandbank and vivid sunsets, topped off with an outdoor Jacuzzi bathtub.

Explore more of Kuredu at

And If You Only seek Beach Villas & Bungalows… 

Allow us to suggest:

Resort Rooms & Villas on the Beach
Hurawalhi Island Resort • Beach Sunset Pool Villas
• Beach Pool Villas
Kagi Maldives Spa Island • Beach Pool Villas
Veligandu Island Resort & Spa • 16 Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 11 Beach Villas
Komandoo Island Resort & Spa • 30 Premium Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 6 Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 14 Beach Villas
Meeru Island Resort & Spa • 27 Water Front Villas
• 83 Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 77 Beach Villas
• 20 Garden Rooms
Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa • 30 Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 58 Adjoining Beach Villas
• 53 Standalone Beach Villa
• 23 Garden Rooms
Kuredu Island Resort & Spa • 19 Sangu Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 29 O Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 40 O Beach Villas
• 52 Jacuzzi Beach Villas
• 1 Deluxe Beach Villa
• 20 Premium Beach Villas
• 33 Beach Villas
• 55 Beach Bungalows
• 9 Private Pool Villas including a two-bedroom Private Pool Villa Family Suite
• 80 Garden Bungalows

Innahura Maldives Resort: Here, Life Is Easy

Innahura Maldives Resort - Beach Bungalows

  • 78 Beach Bungalows

This affordable, all-beach bungalow Maldives resort offers a fun, laid-back atmosphere perfect for sunseekers, the young, and the young at heart. All villas at Innahura are directly located on the beach, just about 50 steps from the glittering lagoon, and feature modern facilities with a traditional Maldivian twist. Here, travellers stay to enjoy the easy life.

Explore more of Innahura at 

Book direct or through your preferred travel agent. 

Our resort collection provides a Selection of Special Offers with flexible cancellation for your Maldives getaway.

Traveling in the ‘new normal’ – Learn more about our ‘A Safe Holiday Experience in Paradise’ programme. 

Quick Links: Your Questions Answered Before You Travel   |   Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort   |   Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update

Spa, Wellness & Wellbeing Travel Guide

The Best Spa & Wellness Experiences in the Maldives

March 30, 2021
Beach Yoga Maldives

Experience the Best Spa & Wellness Experiences in the Maldives with Crown & Champa Resorts

The Maldives has always been a favourite vacation spot for honeymooners, divers and adventurous travellers — thanks to its island paradises, crystal blue waters, and a host of opportunities for romance and excitement, but it is also now one of the top destinations for wellness, wellbeing and lifestyle holidays.

At Crown & Champa Resorts, we present a myriad of the best spa and wellness experiences offered within our collection to provide travellers with the chance to soothe their mind, body and spirit and shape their personal journey whilst exploring the sublime beauty of the Maldives.

Suppose you are seeking a holiday that will leave you feeling healthier and energised; in that case, the range of relaxation and transformative experiences at our luxurious Maldives resorts can fulfil all that and more. 

Lifestyle Retreats at Kagi Maldives Spa Island 

The Baani Spa @ Kagi Maldives

Our resort collection’s newest property, Kagi Maldives Spa Island, is a true sanctuary for the senses that offers the perfect setting to slow down and immerse into self-discovery and self-care for a more balanced and authentic life. Ideal for solo and couple travellers, Kagi’s Lifestyle Retreats provide a comprehensive programme consisting of yoga and meditation, blissful massages and holistic healing, alongside nourishing meals and locally-inspired experiences for the ultimate healthy holiday. 

The resort’s fully-integrated wellness hub is a highlight of the experience. Located at the heart of the island and floating atop the turquoise lagoon waters, Kagi Maldives’  1500-square-metre The Baani Spa is a destination in itself. It comprises four treatment rooms with outdoor bathing facilities and a relaxation lounge, a well-equipped yoga and sound healing studio, steam rooms, state-of-the-art fitness centre, and a wellness boutique. 

Find out more: Kagi Maldives Spa Island: The Essence of Pure Life

The Luxury Sulha Spa at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island 

The luxury Maldives Sulha Spa @ Kudadoo

Guests staying at the ultra-luxury Kudadoo Maldives can take advantage of the world-class spa and wellness experiences at the Sulha Spa. Situated on the second floor of The Retreat with inspiring ocean views, it is an oasis of relaxation and wellbeing designed to provide you with the opportunity to re-balance your energies and recharge your batteries. 

Specially-curated indulgences on offer at this luxury Maldives spa include Asian massages, a sound shower, a pampering bath, and Zen Shiatsu. Equipped with steam room and sauna facilities, you are guaranteed to feel wholly cleansed and revitalised. What more, Kudadoo also boasts Lonu Cave – the Maldives’ first and only salt chamber, lined with mineral-rich Himalayan salt that is more than 1,000 years old and renowned for its healing qualities.

And with Kudadoo’s Anything. Anytime. Anywhere concept you can enjoy unlimited treatments during your time on the island.

Sulha Spa is awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ 2020 Best Luxury Destination Spa and the World Luxury Spa Awards’ 2019 Best Luxury Wellness Spa in the Maldives.

[Find out more: Sulha Spa, the Maldives’ Best Luxury Destination Spa]

The Best Spa Treatments at Duniye Spas

The best overwater spas in the Maldives

Give yourself the gift of pure pampering and relaxation during your holiday. The award-winning Duniye Spas can be found in six of our properties, offering some of the Maldives’ best spa treatments. Meeru and Kuredu feature two spas: one located amidst tropical gardens and the other over the water.

Veligandu & Vilamendhoo both feature overwater spas boasting stunning sea views, while the spas at Komandoo and Innahura are set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens. Hurawalhi’s Duniye Spa is an oceanfront that affords guests views over the marine life beneath through the glass floor window.

Highlights on the Duniye Spas’ menu include: 

  • Ocean Dreaming: a signature massage incorporating wave-like movements and traditional massage techniques that evokes a deeply relaxing and revitalising experience.
  • Full Moon Magic: a beautiful spa ritual designed for couples that will help them relieve stress and connect them to the vital powers of nature’s elements.
  • Maldivian Serenity Ritual: a top-to-toe deep relaxation experience that uses only 100% pure organic coconut native to the Maldives, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.

Duniye Spas use products from Healing Earth™, developed in line with fair trade and sustainability principles and are 100% organic certified. 

For shorter yet still transformative, holistic wellness sessions, Sound Bath, Reiki and Reflexology are available, overseen by their qualified and professional team of wellness practitioners. 

Yoga Sessions

Beach yoga @ Meeru Maldives

Get your zen on with an enriching beachside yoga at Komandoo Island Resort, Meeru Island Resort & Spa, Kuredu Island Resort, Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa and Innahura Maldives Resort. Scheduled at sunrise or sunset, each session promises an uplifting experience to help you find your inner balance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, the yoga classes are suitable for all ability levels. 

Fitness, Training, Sports and More! 

Things to do in the Maldives

At Crown & Champa Resorts, we take sports and fitness seriously. That is why the moment you land in our private island resorts, you can find a wide variety of gym and fitness facilitiesoutdoor workouts and unique activities for you to push your boundaries while staying with us.

The expansive Meeru Island Resort & Spa and the vibrant Kuredu Island Resort & Spa both feature a full-size golf course, featuring driving ranges and ‘au courant’ golf clubs. A fantastic selection of ocean sports is available across our resorts, including stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, wake boarding, and Catamaran sailing. Alongside all the aquatic experiences available, there are many land-based facilities to enjoy the sunshine and the tropical outdoors, including volleyball, badminton and paddle tennis courts, a football ground and swimming pools.

Is getting fitter your next goal? Improve your posture and build lean muscles with Pilates training or burn off some calories with beach boot camp classes guided by a team of certified fitness instructors available at our select resorts. 

To learn more about our diverse portfolio of resorts in the Maldives, please visit the Crown & Champa Resorts Collection. 


Experiences Travel Guide

A Tale Of Two Islands In The Maldives

March 28, 2021
Kudadoo and Hurawalhi resorts

An expansive feeling of freedom reimagined, where luxury treads lightly in the Maldives

Hurawalhi Island Resort & Spa and Kudadoo Private Island are sister islands found in one of the world’s most beautiful and last clean oceans, set in their own private lagoons at the northern tip of the Lhaviyani Atoll. Paradise can be reached by a scenic 40-minute seaplane flight from the Maldives’ Velana International Airport (MLE).

Kudadoo, Raising the bar

From its inception, Kudadoo Maldives Private Island is a destination that blends the esthetics of design with the freedom of an experience where you can truly appreciate Anything. Anytime. Anywhere (AAA). Raising the bar in environmentally conscious, luxury travel, benefits include unlimited watersports, spa treatments, excursions, scuba diving, snorkelling, culinary journeys, and an acclaimed wine cellar. Guests at Kudadoo also has unlimited access to all facilities at its sister island Hurawalhi, just within a quick speedboat transfer.

Hurawalhi, Adults-Only Escape

Acclaimed for its chic all-inclusive adult’s only escape (15 years+), Hurawalhi has become one of the Maldives must-visit resorts and is ranked #8 among TripAdvisors’ 2020 – Top 25 Hotels for Romance in Asia.

With cuisine at the core of the experience, Hurawalhi boasts Canneli Restaurant with its luxurious fare, Kashibo’s fusion of Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese delicacies, and J.F.K. (Junk Food Kitchen). Three bars, including the spectacularly located Champagne Pavillon, an extensive wine cellar, land sports, water sports, spa, a choice of excursions and things to do, mean this all-inclusive offering is straight from the top shelf.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant

Residents from both resorts can experience a meal seasoned with awe, a culinary treat at 5.8, the World’s Largest All-Glass Undersea Restaurant. Served beneath the surface of the ocean against the backdrop of nature’s vibrant aquatic seascape. Diners can enjoy watching the reef life as they sample the mouthwatering culinary creations of Hurawalhi’s Executive Chef.

When it all comes so effortlessly, it is time to celebrate creating enduring memories to last a lifetime.

Setting a new standard in sustainable all-inclusive hospitality, both islands are keenly aware of the importance of the natural world and our dependence on its ecosystems and the biodiversity of its marine life. From harnessing the power of the sun with extensive use of solar energy to eradicating single-use plastics, Kudadoo Private Island and Hurawalhi Island Resort are pushing sustainable practices in the Maldives to new frontiers.

With the partnership with The Manta Trust in their multidisciplinary approach to conservation, it is not all talk about the changes needed but active participation by making every effort to limit our impact on the environment.    |