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People of CCR, Ahmed Shaheen – Director of Sales & Marketing

May 26, 2020

Ahmed Shaheen, is the director of Sales & Marketing of Crown & Champa Resorts, a true success story of local grown talent, who climbed up the corporate ladder. Shaheen had been with CCR for 25 years.

An eloquent speaker and marketer, Shaheen contributes to his ability to do sales and marketing to him believing and being confident about the CCR product he sell.

Shaheen enjoys mentoring, and advices the youth in the hospitality industry;

  • Work for your own self-satisfaction. Don’t work for the sake of something or work for the sake to get special recognition. Love your job.
  • Be motivated and willing to assist others outside of your routine tasks
  • Be in positive mind, have very clear career path of what you’d like to do, I believe we all have possibilities which are beyond any imagination in the industry we are in. The industry as such is phenomenal.
  • Be a role model, punctual, honest and work hard towards your goal. Everything is possible

And states the secret ingredient to capture the attention of senior management is to be a multi-skilled, flexible employee – who would definitely be more in demand than one who isn’t.

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