Special note to our partners

May 4, 2020

Dear Partners,

We wish to sincerely thank each of you for the support collaboration and kind outreach provided to us and our resort operational teams during the past month.  Knowing we had the same mutual aim in place to resolve and respond in a quick and effective manner towards the novel Covid-19 pandemic, made it possible to assure many guests were able to continue with their long-planned dream holidays to the Maldives.

In the upcoming weeks, me and my team, want to stay connected with each of you. Stay updated with the most recent happenings and updates from Crown & Champa Resorts and the Maldives. We have adapted our 2020 Sales Strategy to connect virtually with you and all your partners. In this week’s “CCR News Update”, I want to  introduce you  to my team, whom are your point of contact for any assistance you might require going forward.

From me and the team, keep the spirits high – we are in this together. We believe that with hope, care and kindness towards each other, we will conquer these uncertain times. Feel welcome to contact us at any time.

We can’t wait to welcome back our first guests to our resorts.  In the following months, our priority is to make every Maldives Holiday dream to be exceptionally remarkable in Crown & Champa Resorts!

Ahmed Shaheen
Director of Sales & Marketing
Crown & Champa Resorts

Crown & Champa Resorts Sales & Marketing Team

Nadine Kruger
Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing
Crown & Champa Resorts
(UK, Africa, Maldives DMC’s, Alegria, Morocco)

Mohamed Thoufeeq
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown& Champa Resorts
(Italy, Nordics, GCC- UAE,Egypt, Jordan, Lebonon,India, Srilanka)

Lina Qi
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts
(China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,Americas)

Ganna Kryvoguz
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts
(Russia+ CIS, Eastern Europe)

Tiffany Tuaillon
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts
(Western Europe)

Ali Shaulan
Sales Administrator
Crown & Champa Resorts

Helen Bolton
Director of Sales APAC
Crown & Champa Resorts
(Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan,Thailand, Indonesia,Malaysia, Singapore,Vietnam, Myanmar, Phillipines)

Nabah Hussain
Assistant Revenue Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts

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