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May 2020


People of CCR, Ahmed Shaheen – Director of Sales & Marketing

May 26, 2020

Ahmed Shaheen, is the director of Sales & Marketing of Crown & Champa Resorts, a true success story of local grown talent, who climbed up the corporate ladder. Shaheen had been with CCR for 25 years.

An eloquent speaker and marketer, Shaheen contributes to his ability to do sales and marketing to him believing and being confident about the CCR product he sell.

Shaheen enjoys mentoring, and advices the youth in the hospitality industry;

  • Work for your own self-satisfaction. Don’t work for the sake of something or work for the sake to get special recognition. Love your job.
  • Be motivated and willing to assist others outside of your routine tasks
  • Be in positive mind, have very clear career path of what you’d like to do, I believe we all have possibilities which are beyond any imagination in the industry we are in. The industry as such is phenomenal.
  • Be a role model, punctual, honest and work hard towards your goal. Everything is possible

And states the secret ingredient to capture the attention of senior management is to be a multi-skilled, flexible employee – who would definitely be more in demand than one who isn’t.

Read the full profile of Shaheen at Hotelier Maldives , September 30th, 2019 by Neefeen Ibrahim 

Experiences Heart of CCR

Celebrating World Turtle Day

May 22, 2020

World Turtle Day is May 23rd each year and is celebrated throughout the world.  This annual observance is held to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world. Though turtles have existed more than 100 million years, outliving dinosaurs, they are rapidly disappearing. Sea turtles, in particular face several threats from plastic pollution to the destruction of feeding and nesting sites.

Five of the world’s seven species of sea turtle call Maldives home, including the endangered Olive Ridley. Almost half of all the identified green sea turtles in the Maldives live in Lhaviyani Atoll, where Crown & Champa Resorts  has five of its properties and nearly all of them can be found around the Kuredu Island Resort   hose reef. In neighboring Komandoo Island Resort & Spa’s house reef, you are most likely see Green Sea Turtles as well as Hawksbill Sea Turtles.

At all of our properties, it is common for guests’ snorkeling or diving to come across these graceful creatures. Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa, well-known for whale shark spotting in the South Ari Atoll is also close to the world renowned Turtle Reef.  Hawkbills Sea Turtles and Green sea turtle can be seen all year round around Veligandu Island Resort & Spa.

All Crown & Champa Resorts are on the watch for ghost nets when out at sea and as seen in a recent video from Meeru Island Resort & Spa, this vigilance rescued a Maldivian sea turtle. Education is a must to ensure turtle conservation. At Hurawalhi Maldives, Kudadoo Maldives Private Island, Komandoo Island Resort and Kuredu, guests can participate in adopting a turtle with the Olive Ridley Project. We will continue to rescue, protect turtles and conserve their natural habitat for them.

How to Swim with Sea Turtles

For almost a hundred million years sea turtles and their ancestors have roamed the oceans. However these Though  tough survivors are classified as endangered and their future is uncertain. To pay respect to them, us and your descendants, please observe our code of conduct:

  • Do not disrupt the turtles’ natural behaviour!
  • Do not touch them! They can feel through their carapace and hate to be touched!
  • Do not prevent them from taking a breath of air on the surface, they can drown immediately!
  • Do not provoke them! If you do, you’re likely to experience one of world’s most powerful bites.
  • There is no best way to ride a turtle. Do not even think about it!

Source: Olive Ridley Project 

Heart of CCR

UN’s International Day of Families and Hospitality

May 15, 2020

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and while in one of our Crown & Champa Resorts, all 3,100 team member will welcome you to be a part of our island family throughout your stay and beyond. Being hospitable is just in our nature.

We are ready to host our visiting families be they a solo traveler, adults or families traveling with children. Our resorts are able to cater to those looking for accommodation as double, single, twin share, triple, and suites. To each one, we open for you to stay as kith and kin.

Interesting to note that close to 95% of visitors to our island are adults of whom 20% are honeymooners. This, however, is just part of our story; we celebrate our multi-generational families with young and grown-up children of all ages who like to go on vacations together.

Follow our stories on Instagram, each and every one of our guests is a part of our family. At Crown & Champa Resorts, we thrive on making these families smile, create precious moments and memories in the Maldives. #StaySafe #DayOfFamilies


Properties of Crown & Champa Resorts, yet again awarded HACCP Certification

May 6, 2020
Crown & Champa Resorts continuously achieve the accreditation in compliance with the HACCP Principles and Practice

Crown & Champa Resorts (CCR) is proud to congratulate Meeru Island Resort & Spa, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa Hurawalhi Island Resort, Kuredu Island Resort & Spa, and Innahura Maldives Resort, as they yet again receive the prestigious Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP) certification. HACCP certification is highly regarded in the hotel and food industry. It is the international standard of Food Safety and is based on companies complying with the WHO “Codex Alimentarius” and is also equivalent to ISO22000.

“It is one of the most sought-after accreditations in the foodservice industry and affirms our commitment to providing excellent service at world-class standards.” Martin Vossen, CEO, CCR

To achieve accreditation and be awarded HACCP certification, the properties in the collections must adhere to strict food safety standards throughout the supply, storage and production process and complete an annual audit review by an accredited body.
CCR has partnered with an organization from the UK, Ian Greaves International.UK (IGI.UK), and over the recent year has formed a strong working relationship thereby enabling the properties to achieve HACCP accreditation but also to provide the learning framework for the professionals within the organization to obtain their personal certification from HACCP Level 1 and to Level 4 for our executive chefs. Together HACCP Administrators, operations teams, supported by Zakariyya Easa, Director of Training & Development, they adhere to the strict practices and protocols with a passion for quality experiences delivered safely.

“It had been seven years since the Food Safety/Hygiene Policy for CCR was introduced to the company in June 2013. A HACCP preliminary audit took place In January” Zakariyya Easa, Director of Training & Development, CCR

With new properties opening and our collection growing each year, it is our understanding, continuous training, and refresher programs for the operational team in line with local and international requirements result in us being proud of our newest property, Innahura Maldives Island, for been certified well before completing its first year in operations.

Globally our guests and the partners look for the peace of mind the accreditation of HACCP provides. HACCP is recognized in countries such as UK, member countries of the European Union (EU), USA, Canada, Australia, UAE and many others.

Today, CCR has reached a level where HACCP and its principles are embedded in the business with policies and procedures firmly placed and from arrival to departure, especially in the Kitchens, Restaurants and Accommodation. We continue to extend our commitment to excellence and actively participate with Travelife and Local authorities.

With the re-new certification, guests can enjoy their stay at the CCR resorts with the confidence, in properties providing the very best-in-class services who are at the top of the hospitality industry in the Maldives and the world.

Coming soon; assurance that Crown & Champa Resorts addresses the concerns born out of the recent pandemic with our ‘caring for your wellbeing’ commitment.


Our collection has been rewarded on many occasions with a variety of global awards and recognition through our partners as well as from the destination itself and is featured under our Awards.


Special note to our partners

May 4, 2020

Dear Partners,

We wish to sincerely thank each of you for the support collaboration and kind outreach provided to us and our resort operational teams during the past month.  Knowing we had the same mutual aim in place to resolve and respond in a quick and effective manner towards the novel Covid-19 pandemic, made it possible to assure many guests were able to continue with their long-planned dream holidays to the Maldives.

In the upcoming weeks, me and my team, want to stay connected with each of you. Stay updated with the most recent happenings and updates from Crown & Champa Resorts and the Maldives. We have adapted our 2020 Sales Strategy to connect virtually with you and all your partners. In this week’s “CCR News Update”, I want to  introduce you  to my team, whom are your point of contact for any assistance you might require going forward.

From me and the team, keep the spirits high – we are in this together. We believe that with hope, care and kindness towards each other, we will conquer these uncertain times. Feel welcome to contact us at any time.

We can’t wait to welcome back our first guests to our resorts.  In the following months, our priority is to make every Maldives Holiday dream to be exceptionally remarkable in Crown & Champa Resorts!

Ahmed Shaheen
Director of Sales & Marketing
Crown & Champa Resorts

Crown & Champa Resorts Sales & Marketing Team

Nadine Kruger
Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing
Crown & Champa Resorts
(UK, Africa, Maldives DMC’s, Alegria, Morocco)

Mohamed Thoufeeq
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown& Champa Resorts
(Italy, Nordics, GCC- UAE,Egypt, Jordan, Lebonon,India, Srilanka)

Lina Qi
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts
(China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,Americas)

Ganna Kryvoguz
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts
(Russia+ CIS, Eastern Europe)

Tiffany Tuaillon
Sales & Marketing Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts
(Western Europe)

Ali Shaulan
Sales Administrator
Crown & Champa Resorts

Helen Bolton
Director of Sales APAC
Crown & Champa Resorts
(Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan,Thailand, Indonesia,Malaysia, Singapore,Vietnam, Myanmar, Phillipines)

Nabah Hussain
Assistant Revenue Manager
Crown & Champa Resorts