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March 2020


Eco-Friendly Resorts for your Maldives Holiday

March 27, 2020
Hurawalhi Maldives arrival jetty

Energy and water are two resources often taken for granted but in recent years the environmental impact of their production has been highlighted prompting Crown & Champa Resorts to lead the way in balancing luxury tourism and sustainability with their eco-friendly Maldives offerings.

As the world comes together to switch off its lights on 28th March in celebration of Earth Hour, a global movement drawing attention to climate change, we take a look at how our Maldives’ resorts are taking a sustainable approach to their power needs.

One of the most important ingredients for a tropical holiday is sunny days and here in the Maldives, sunshine is in plentiful supply. Tapping into the power of the sun makes perfect environmental sense. Hurawalhi Island Resort, Kuredu Island Resort & Spa, Innahura Maldives Resort, Komandoo Island Resort & Spa and Meeru Island Resort & Spa all have solar panels in place to contribute towards their electricity requirements, whilst at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi, that commitment has been taken even further with the entire resort’s power needs are capable of being powered by its extensive solar panels.

Also marked this month is World Water Day, an initiative bringing to the fore the need to protect the World’s most valuable resource, water, and limiting the environmental impact of producing clean drinking water as the population grows. At CCR we are very proud to have water desalination and bottling plants at our resorts, which are able to supply all the guests’ and team members’ drinking water requirements. Water is supplied in reusable glass bottles, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles and associated disposal issues. In-house production also prevents the need for transporting water to our resort islands and therefore reduces our carbon footprint further.

There are many more sustainable practices running through our resorts in the Maldives and they can be found in detail in our Sustainability Report.

Choose a Crown & Champa Resort for your eco-friendly Maldives holiday, resorts where luxury and sustainability go hand-in-hand.