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CEO Message: Experience The Maldives In 2020 With Crown & Champa Resorts!

January 5, 2020

Dear Guests,

Wherever the New Year finds you, we hope that it is off to a great start. After the exciting festive season, we have hit the ground running with our 2020 plans. The coming weeks will find us touring Europe, building our partner relationships, networking and seeking out knowledge. Our vision as Crown & Champa Resorts hinges on continuously innovating and improving our offerings to elevate the standard of hospitality we provide. Even so, you can always expect us to remain rooted in our local heritage and to continually offer excellent value and a diversified portfolio.

Throughout the travel industry, there is a shift towards more experiential holidays, with the buzzword of the year being ‘slow travel’. However you choose to look at the meaning of the term, from sustainable vacations to long days spent in a destination, you can slow down as much as you need to with Crown & Champa Resorts in the Maldives. Our resorts have implemented a variety of sustainable measures, an effort that is continuously being improved on, as sustainability lies at the heart of Crown & Champa Resorts. Additionally, there is so much to experience at each of our resorts, from adventures at sea to leisurely days spent immersing into island life.

We hope that the days ahead lead you to our resorts, to experience all the Maldives has to offer.


Martin Vossen,

Chief Executive Officer

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