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Maldives Travel Guide: The Best Time To Visit The Maldives

October 30, 2019

The Maldives boasts of balmy temperatures all year round, making it the perfect destination for barefoot tropical luxury. Travellers in need of some sun, sand and sea, can spend a few weeks in the Maldives, basking in the sun, lazing around on the beach and exploring the astonishingly clear sea. A frequently asked question is the best time to visit this beautiful archipelago. There is no wrong time to visit the Maldives as the two seasons that the country experiences each offer a different kind of adventure.

The best weather is witnessed between November to April, with very little rainfall, sunny days and excellent visibility in the sea for snorkelling and diving. As a result of this, November to April are the busiest months, and the room rates tend to be a little steeper. This is the perfect time to embark on your diving adventure, have a symbolic ceremony on the pristine beach or even celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year in paradise. With Crown & Champa Resorts, you can experience this and more, coupled with lavish accommodation and excellent service.

From May to October, the monsoon season is experienced. This brings about some rainfall, which often doesn’t last long, and reduced visibility. However, due to the increased amount of planktons in the ocean, this is the best time to spot manta rays, whale sharks and a variety of other marine life. Between May and October, the islands are quieter. This is an excellent time to go swimming with whale sharks and to trade in arduous city life for a few relaxed days on the beach. Our resorts have some of the best beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the Maldives. The prime location of some of our resorts puts you close to manta ray cleaning stations and whale shark points.

Whichever time you visit, you are guaranteed a wonderful time in the Maldives with Crown & Champa Resorts. With exclusive offers from our resorts’, you can have your dream Maldivian vacation whenever you please.


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