Setting the Standard in Eco-tourism in the Maldives

January 23, 2019
Hurawalhi Solar Power

Throughout the world, people are becoming more conscious of sustainable travelling. There is increased awareness and a concerted effort to find ways of ensuring that tourism is maintained long-term without harming the natural and cultural environment. At Crown & Champa Resorts, we are not only conscious of global environmental issues, but we also acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment.


retreat kudadoo

The Retreat at Kudadoo. The gently sloping roof grates generate electricity.


As detailed in our Sustainability Report, we commit to carrying out operations in a sustainable manner and take every step to minimise the operational impact towards preserving the environment in which our resorts operate. We continuously practice this commitment by implementing various measures across our resorts. A great example is Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi. Officially opened in December 2018, Kudadoo is developed by renowned architect Yuji Yamazaki using sustainable building materials. Now, its operations are fully solar powered with environmentally conscious activities and amenities such as The Retreat.


5-star Hurawalhi Island Resort offers both luxury and sustainability through the use of solar-power energy, installed on the roofs of the main jetty, 5.8 Undersea Restaurant walkway, and 7 buildings in the team area. Kuredu Island Resort & Spa and Komandoo Island Resort & Spa have put in place greener measures by using reusable linen bags instead of plastic. Meeru Island Resort & Spa and Veligandu Island Resort & Spa have already implemented the use of eco-friendly straws, and Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa practices sustainable fishing practices that allow the continuation of the diverse marine ecology. Across all resorts, guests are informed of the different ways we can all help with sustaining the beauty of the resort and the Maldives.


Eco-Friendly rubbish bag


As Crown & Champa Resorts, we aim to continue implementing green initiatives such as alternative sources of energy, water bottling plants that reduce plastic consumption, greenhouses, desalination systems, food and water recycling facilities and frequent island, reef and lagoon cleaning projects. Further, we are carrying out a coral re-growth program at the Meeru Coral Garden that aims to revitalise the reefs. With these initiatives in place, we seek to ensure that each of our resorts upholds the standards of our sustainability report for years to come.


Past reef cleaning activity


For travellers, read our tips on saving water and energy while on holiday here.


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