International Labour Day: Top 5 reasons why our staff is happy

May 1, 2017

Crown & Champa Resorts is proud to have grown to a workforce of over 3000, over the years. May 1, 2017 is International Labour Day and we are celebrating the reasons why our teams are the happiest and choose to continuously grow with us.

#5: Living Environment

Employees across the Resorts that we manage, enjoy a variety of benefits for their personal and social lives, among which is higher standards of housing and food. We also encourage participation in the recreational and entertainment activities available, like the annual Interdepartmental Sports Tournaments and Staff Events.


#4: Expansion and award-winning status

Being the leading group of Resorts in the Maldives, Crown & Champa Resorts continues to expand, having opened our 5-star Hurawalhi Island Resort in December 2016, 5-star deluxe Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi in December 2018 and planning to open 3-star Innahura Maldives Resort soon. As a group, we were awarded the Gold 100 award on February 21 and our individual Resorts regularly receive a number of accolades, from TUI Top Quality to Agoda Loved by Guests and Holidaycheck Most Popular Hotels awards. This motivates our staff and provides a sense of pride to be a part of a successful and well-recognized Company.

“We are very blessed to have Owners, who have been the pioneers in the Tourism & Hospitality industry since 1972.“ – Ismail Afeef, Director of Operations, Crown & Champa Resorts


#3: CSR and empowering the local community

Crown & Champa Resorts, and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts by our affiliations offer empowerment to the local Maldivian communities. Not only through study sponsorships for long serving Maldivian staff, but also through initiatives such as sewerage system and water plants for K. Dhiffushi and vocational training around local Islands.

“It brings so much happiness to us to know we are providing essentials and necessities for locals and staff.” – Hussain Afeef, Director, Crown & Champa Resorts


#2: Education & Training

Crown & Champa Resorts hosts ongoing training and development programs for our employees across all levels. We support and encourage educational and vocational growth, which also leads to personal and professional growth within the hospitality industry.


#1: One Big Happy Family

And finally, Crown & Champa Resorts is proud to be one big family that learns and grows together. Our employees, partners and affiliations continue to support each other everyday. We always try our best to maintain our values for respect, empathy, sincerity, openness, reliability, trust and sensitivity.

“If you keep the staff happy, the guests are happy, and when the guests are happy, the management is happy.” – Lars Petre, Director, Crown & Champa Resorts


Watch our International Day of Happiness video below:

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