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Crown & Champa Resorts Travel Guide

An Adventure For The Whole Family In The Maldives

August 2, 2019

While the Maldives was considered solely as a honeymoon spot for a long time, over the years, the destination has expanded to accommodate growing families. Now, on the expansive white beaches, families can camp for a few weeks, soaking up the sun and enjoying what the Maldives has to offer, which luckily goes beyond building sandcastles on the beach.

A useful tip while travelling with your family is to always look out for a deal. For larger families, travelling costs can be staggering when taking into account airfare, room rates, food, activities, clothing, etc. Innahura Maldives Resort comes to families’ aid by firstly, being a resort where anyone can have a quintessential Maldivian getaway without breaking the bank. With their special offer for stays between now and October, guests enjoy a 30% discount and children get to stay for free. Their adjacent beach bungalows are perfect for families or groups staying together, and their escapes programme has activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Ensuring that the kids’ interest and hobbies are satisfied during the vacation is a sure way of ensuring that they have an unforgettable holiday. Kuredu Island Resort & Spa takes care of that with the Football Escapes programme in December. Children aged between five and fifteen get to receive world-class football coaching from Rio Ferdinand, English football legend, and a team of UEFA licensed coaches over five days. Kuredu is perfect for family vacations as it also boasts of a well-equipped Kid’s and Teen’s Club, where children can engage in tailored activities and make friends.

Another great way to have a wonderful family vacation is by involving the children when planning the holiday. Sitting down and poring through the resort’s websites gives the kids an idea of what to expect when they arrive, and something to look forward to. Komas Kid’s Club at Meeru Island Resort & Spa is manned by highly skilled professionals who strive to make your children’s time on the island memorable. With well-thought-out programmes detailing activities that are often fun and educational, such as coconut painting, the kid’s club is an integral part of your vacation. Have a look at the special offer available for Winter 2019/2020 and book early.

Our other family-friendly resorts under Crown & Champa Resorts include Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, Hurawalhi Island Resort (15 years and above), and Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi (15 years and above). Visit our resorts page to learn more about the individual resorts.


Crown & Champa Resorts Travel Guide

Travelling On a Budget

April 22, 2019
innahura maldives resort

For most of us, the Maldives is on our travel bucket list, and with good reason. The beautiful weather, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and vast marine life appeal to everyone. It is equal parts a romantic and an adventure destination, with much to do on both land and sea. With these tips, you can travel to the Maldives without having to spend all your life’s savings.


While spontaneous travel can be fun, it can also be an expensive endeavour. Planning well in advance allows you to figure out what your budget is, and what options are available to you within that budget. In terms of accommodation, the Maldives has a lot to offer ranging from luxury resorts and private islands to more humble and far more affordable resorts.

Innahura Maldives Resort is one such budget-friendly resort that allows you to enjoy the quintessential Maldives experience without the hefty price tag. While the price might be lower, the quality of service and facilities is not compromised. At this 3-Star resort, you can enjoy spacious, colourful beach bungalows, a stunning restaurant, two bars, a spa, gym and so much more.

Book In Advance

As with flight tickets, booking your resort in advance allows you to save more and take advantage of any special offers that are usually designed for Early Birds. These offers are typically listed on the special offers page of a resort website and promoted on the resort’s social media pages.

Innahura currently has a 40% special offer for stays between April 15, through and including October 31, when booked between April 15 through and including June 30. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the vacation of your dreams for 40% less?

Leave Nothing To Chance

Visit the resort’s website and social media pages, and sign up for their newsletter. This gives you a chance to learn about the various things you can do at the resort and how much they cost. Additionally, it helps you know about upcoming events that might be happening during your stay. Plus, by following their social media pages, you can start figuring out where you want to take photos once you are on the island!

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