Mr. David S. Feinberg | Chief Executive Officer of Crown & Champa Resorts

February 4, 2017
Chief Executive Officer

David S. Feinberg has been the Chief Executive Officer of Crown & Champa Resorts (CCR) for the past 16 years. With 6 resorts and 1 city hotel, CCR is one of the largest, most distinguished and most successful companies in the Maldives.

Having originally started work as a dive instructor in Austin, Texas, David has worked in various positions in the tourism industry all over the globe – a true veteran of the hospitality field. He discovered the simple pleasures of island living while working as a Divemaster on a dive safari boat that sailed between Cozumel and the Bay Islands of Honduras. David then expanded and now calls the Maldives home.

The directors of CCR hired David with the goal of achieving better business performance. A goal he continues to achieve, year after year, and has commended the incredible teamwork as the key element to the Group’s success.

“What makes CCR unique is that a lot of the success we’ve achieved comes down to the individuals. Our greatest resources are ourselves. Bringing people together of diverse backgrounds and skillsets, embracing good communications, listening, and growing together; I think that’s our greatest strength and our greatest success.” – Mr. David S. Feinberg.


Image courtesy: Corporate Maldives

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